About The Legit Swag Store

LegitSwag is an online store for premium quality crypto goodies - From mugs, hoodies, necklaces and more, our products are made to order and shipped from US. 

 We Sell:

* Bitcoin mugs and other Crypto Mugs

* Bitcoin Necklaces and other Crypto Necklaces (these are handmade in Europe)

* Bitcoin Apparel (hoodies and shirts) & other crypto apparel 

*Bitcoin snapback hats and other crypto baseball and snapback hats

* Bitcoin Socks (and other altcoin socks of course) 

* Physical bitcoins and other alt coins - alas for collection purposes only :)  

And FYI - We can also do custom jobs and designs too - so if you have something you would like to see on a mug, shirt, necklace or even shoes, drop me a mail and I will personally make it happen